Juniors Section is for Boys in Yr3-6 of Primary School. Boys’ transition from the Anchors Section or can join the section at any point along the way. Juniors enjoy a lively program of weekly activities including lots of games and an achievement scheme, as well as our annual Father and Son camp.

In Juniors Section the boys wear a uniform consisting of a navy blue Boys’ Brigade Australia polo shirt, navy blue shorts, BB style long sock and black school shoes. Parts of the uniform can be purchased from the company, with points awarded each week for their uniform.

In Juniors the boys are put into aged based squads to help with team building and is a good way to make friends. The winning squad is awarded a prize at the end of the year based on uniform presentation, attendance and behaviour. Boys learn a brief history of The Boys’ Brigade, get taught some drill, enjoy team games and outdoor activities. The badge work is divided into four sections which are completed throughout the year with 2 cloth badges awarded at the end of the year as well as a service badge for those who attend regularly, these can be worn on an armband on their uniform. Upon transition to the Seniors Section, a metal diamond representing the highest colour obtained can be worn, as well as a metal Anchors service badge for attending Anchors section if applicable.

Boys attend each week from 6.30pm to 8.00pm on Wednesdays. Regular information is sent home regarding any extraordinary activities that are occurring. Each year the boys get to go on a torch lit bushwalk, to Putt-Putt golf, have a games night, their annual Father & Son Camp and more!

For further information on any of the activities of Juniors Section please contact us!

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