Boys move to the Seniors Section when they start High School. Seniors Section meets each Wednesday at 6.30pm till 9.00pm. New boys joining Boys’ Brigade for the first time are at no disadvantage as the uniform and achievement scheme is different from the Juniors and Anchors sections and is based around specific activity badges.

Seniors Section boys wear a navy blue Boys’ Brigade Australia polo shirt, a BB belt, navy trousers and navy/black socks with black shoes. A badge band is also worn when boys get badges. The uniform can be purchased from the company, with second hands available for a small donation. Each week boys earn points for their uniform appearance, bringing along their Bible, attending voluntary Christian education, behaviour and punctuality.

A typical night involves Opening Parade and uniform marking, some games, a devotional, a specific award and could also include some drill, Brigade Knowledge and team based activities. Typically awards run for around a term and includes badges from Skills and Hobbies to Expedition and Environmentalist to Physical and Sportsman, as well as Citizenship and Community Service. Not all activities are completed every year, however over the years spent in the section a number of each award are done to work towards their Queen’s Badge (which is the highest award in Boys’ Brigade companies).

Boys are split into mixed age group squads and earn points together which are tallied up at the end of the year for a prize of a squad dinner outing. Other activities that we do through the year include Friday night activity nights like: going to the swimming pool, laser zone, rock climbing, movies, computer games and our always fun mystery nights! We also have weekend activities such as going to Jamberoo Recreation Park with Boys and Girls Brigades from around NSW, our annual caving camp, hikes/expeditions, plus other fun camps.

Seniors Section now has two groups within it: Alphas (those turning 12-14 that year) and Omegas (those turning 15-18 that year), some special activities are arranged for Omegas with past things including canyoning, extra weekends away and extra activities at the 3 yearly Pan Australia Camp (PAC) held by Boys’ Brigade Australia. Omegas are also encouraged to develop their leadership skills and have the opportunity to attend training courses through Boys’ Brigade NSW.

In the past we have had an enthusiastic omegas in the seniors section who become NCOs (Non-Commissioned Officers) and assist with running of activities Company-wide.

For further information on any of the activities of Seniors Section please contact us!

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